Case Study

UNICEF Social Media Audit & Strategy

Kazakhstan, 2019
- Social Media and Digital Audit
- Market Research
- Competition Analysis
- Social Media Plan
- Digital Strategy for 2020

Background & Challenge:
The Government of Kazakhstan and UNICEF were implementing a five-year program of cooperation, based upon national priorities and strategies, for 2016-2020. We started working with UNICEF in 2019 when they were launching a campaign dedicated to "ending violence against children" (EVAC). They needed their social media strategy update based on an audit of the past performance in Kazakhstan.

Key goals:
- Reach 5 million people with the message about EVAC and positive parenting;
- Engage 15,000 people in social media.

We assessed the past performance with key insights about low reach and engagement rate. Baslin's identified opportunities for further growth and created the digital marketing strategy. Delivered a 13-month social media plan, content strategy and thematic mapping of key influencers.

Asset Mendesh - UNICEF Communication Manager
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