Case Study

ZehnPlus Knowledge Software Launch

Software and SaaS
Switzerland, 2020

  • Market Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan Implementation Overseeing

Background & Challenge:
Zehnplus is Europe’s leading enterprise knowledge-sharing and collaboration platform.
In 2020 is was a software development company that wanted to put a clear focus on its new digital communication platforms for B2A. They have been developing software for 10 years in the local Swiss market but now they want to scale with a product — community-based software platforms.
The company planned to launch several products with a SaaS business model, among them are:
  • FAQ software for enterprise companies.
  • Community software.

Baslin's analyzed the market potential and developed a game plan for the SaaS product launch, as well as Brand strategy development for WISDOM community.

  • Successful WISDOM community launch:
  • Company scaling from $800K to $1.4M in annual revenues.

Stephen J. Wright — ZehnPlus founder.
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