Case Study

Zukaz Augmented Reality Advertising App Launch Strategy

Australia, 2018

- Market Analysis 
- Market Research 
- Competition Analysis 
- App Launch Strategy

Background & Challenge:
Zukaz is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality application, which allows merchants to market directly to consumers through real cash vouchers. These vouchers can be redeemed in-store or traded on the Zukaz trading exchange. They were looking for a startup launch strategy with better marketing planning.

Key problems:
- Not enough vouchers on the platform. They needed to make sure Zukaz has a good balance of merchants and consumers using the app so users don't get 'bored' and there are no vouchers on the map.
- Not enough knowledge of the product.
- Needed to market on different platforms to gain traction.

We analyzed the competition that was coming from the advertising industry giants like Facebook and Google. Analyzed augmented reality advertising services demand. Delivered a digital launch strategy with a pricing model (UPD, 2020).

Just by word-of-mouth and organic growth, the beta version of the Zukaz app had a rapid increase of downloads, from 70 to 550 in only 4 days in Albury, Australia.
- Successful rollout with 65 merchants and 555 consumers in the early stage. 
- A complete company rebrand. 
- Minimum viable product released and tested; active in Albury, New South Wales. 
- Major initiatives planned to further accelerate growth.

Matthew Endresz - Zukaz Founder
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