Case Study

Seams CMS Marketing Plan

Software and SaaS
Netherlands, 2019

- Market Analysis
- Demand Validation
- Product Marketing
- Digital Marketing Plan

Background & Challenge:
A small Dutch startup company ist focused on delivering a content management system with an easy implementation and adaptation. The main problem is being a developer, the client had issues with product marketing and sales. Seams-CMS were looking for help with a marketing plan and demand validation.

Key problems:
- Target audience is not clear.
- Can't prognose the demand.
- Not enough knowledge of the product.

We wanted to make sure that the solution the client created, solved a problem that people care about. So we found a problem faced by lots of people. On the market, there are solutions tailored for developer goals, options for small and medium-sized businesses. Some offer products that are ideal for headless beginners and experts alike. The key market gap we used to differentiate the product: despite what can be found in user reviews there is no CMS that is non-developer friendly and at the same time reach in features for developers. 

The target market is where companies desperately need to focus on content. It’s online media, marketing, and advertising agencies, educational organizations. Small/medium-sized businesses. 

The marketing plan was created with those audiences in mind and focused on content marketing as the main strategy to get attention.

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