Case Study

Spreadshirt Rebranding

Germany, 2017
- Market Research
- Market Segmentation
- Marketing Strategy
- Positioning
- Marketing Plan

Background & Challenge:
Spreadshirt is a global leaders in merchandising. In 2017 they were in the process of rebranding to Spreadshop. The product allows anyone to open an online merchandising e-shop completely free of charge. The company needed a comprehensive 1-3 years marketing plan that could give them a holistic vision and cover all channels.

Baslin's navigated the waters of the customer acquisition and retention. We provided a clear plan of action with a fresh approach. Segmented the audience into 3 parts: creators, musicians, and gaming influencers. Delivered a comprehensive strategy covering all from acquisition to activation to retention to referral — full marketing funnel.

Marina Baslina - CEO, Marketing Strategist

Rod Oliveira - Spreadshirt Global Marketing Head
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