Marina Baslina
Founder & CEO
Marina is the founder and creative director of Baslin's where she drives vision and strategy for the company, helping to build and protect some of the most recognized brands and startups. Under her leadership, Baslin's has grown every year since its founding, served more than 550 clients from 50+ niches.

Prior to Baslin's, Marina was a marketing manager at a startup and a software development company in UK. She spent 4 years as a freelancer working on marketing projects for startups, crypto and blockchain projects. Since 2011 Marina has brought marketing guidance to more than 500 clients in North America, European and Asian countries.

Marina is a digital native but has a deep love of psychology marketing and consumer behavior. She has an MS in Marketing. She can be found drinking coffee at any place of the world or preparing for her next marathon with her husband and energetic aussie Normann.

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