Case Study

Shane Morand Personal Brand Building and Book Launch

Personal Brands
The United States, 2019
- Archetype Analysis
- Market Research
- Brand Strategy
- Positioning
- Marketing Plan

Background & Challenge:
Shane Morand, the Author of Victory Book and a co-founder of a global coffee company Organo Gold, is an expert within the area of mentoring and goal setting. He was preparing to launch his book Worldwide and sell it to 1 million families within the next 18 months online.

Shane was not presented online fully. At that time he had a 40K fanbase on Facebook. The personal development book can be easily promoted with a personal brand. That's why we focused on Shane's archetype research to reveal his most powerful brand truth to attract his ideal clients. As a result, we developed digital marketing campaign powered with a brand strategy with a clear plan to action on how to sell 1 million book copies. 

Marina Baslina - CEO, Marketing Strategist
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