Case Study

BrandApp Marketing Strategy

Software and SaaS
Norway, 2019

- Market Research
- Digital Marketing Plan

Background & Challenge:
BrandApp is a design tool and a marketing planner for small businesses and solopreneurs. We were approached with a market and customer research request as well as the marketing strategy.

Key problems:
- Target audience is not clear.
- No understanding of how to market the product.

Baslin's found out that the market needs graphic design software as a service. Something we could call an online collaborative platform dedicated to people who aren’t graphic designers and don’t have funds to hire one for their various needs. 

To penetrate the market we offered a strategy with a focus on the word of mouth and social currency. As in the case with Canva - the closest competitor - it was important to test the product before launching it. So to estimate the demand we offered a "launch" marketing strategy. In other words, creating a waiting list before starting the campaign. For further growth, we suggested approaching beginner social media marketers so that they could spread the word among their clients.
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