Terms of Service
- The strategy content is the intellectual property of Baslin's. It's the product of Baslin's expert opinion. Content and layout editing, visual identity, or proofreading is outside of the scope of work.

- The final delivery contents are subject to change based on the analysis.

- The answers to the questions from the brief or discovery call can't be changed or added after we start the order. New information or goal changes will extend the delivery time and will require the purchase of additional service packages.

- The provided information can't be changed once the order is placed.

- Delivery time could be extended if the process requires more time. Fast delivery is not possible.

- When the service is delivered and there is no response from the client for more than 24 hours the order is considered as approved (the weekend adds additional 48 hours to the service review time).

- Non Disclosure of the end client of the Baslin's service is subject to order cancellation. If you're outsourcing the service please inform us in advance.

- Payment options: Fiverr System, or PayPal, SEPA network in Europe, BACS or Faster Payments Service network in the UK, ACH network in the US.
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